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Biliteracy Awards

2010-2011 LAUSD Biliteracy Awards

On March 29, 2011 the Chief Academic Officer for the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and School Support presented the LAUSD Biliteracy Awards to the Board’s Committee of the Whole:

·      Pathway to Biliteracy Awards for elementary and middle school students

·      Seal of Biliteracy Awards for high school students


With the 2010 – 2011 implementation of the Biliteracy Awards program, LAUSD joins a state-wide movement to promote the development of literacy in two or more languages.


Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, schools verified student eligibility based on the established criteria in REF-5306 (dated October 11, 2010):

·      Pathway to Biliteracy Award

o   CST-ELA at Proficient or Advanced

o   Reading log and student essay in language other than English

·      Seal of Biliteracy Award

o   CST-ELA at Proficient or Advanced

o   AP ELA score at 3 or higher

o    Proficiency in a language other than English demonstrated through one of the following:

§  AP World Language/Literature score of 3 or higher

§  HS world language coursework

§  Participation in Dual Language Program from elementary through high school

§  SAT subject test in a language other than English score of 600

§  Transcripts from a school abroad – grade six or above

§  Certification by Principal

For further information, please contact William Chang, World Languages and Cultures Coordinator:  (213) 241 – 5582 or at

Biliteracy Award Recipients

  Student Name Language School
1 Alvarez, Yanelie Spanish Academic Leadership
2 Aparicio, German Spanish Academic Leadership
3 Burgos, Jonathan Spanish Academic Leadership
4 Cojulum-Morales, Stephanie Spanish Academic Leadership
5 Cresencio, Myriam Spanish Academic Leadership
6 Diaz, Wendy Spanish Academic Leadership
7 Dominguez-Barrajas, Laura Spanish Academic Leadership
8 Ferreyra, Ernesto Spanish Academic Leadership
9 Garcia, Heidy Spanish Academic Leadership
10 Guadarrama, Alejandro Spanish Academic Leadership
11 Gutierrez, Crystal Spanish Academic Leadership
12 Leon, Adalberto Spanish Academic Leadership
13 Liu, Shenghe Chinese  Academic Leadership
14 Loarca, Shanice Spanish Academic Leadership
15 Maldonado, Cindy Spanish Academic Leadership
16 Martinez, Cindy Spanish Academic Leadership
17 Ordonez, Endi Spanish Academic Leadership
18 Rosales, Oscar Spanish Academic Leadership
19 Villa, Isela Spanish Academic Leadership
20 De Los Santos, Marlene T. Spanish Atwater
21 Matamoros, Karen L. Spanish Atwater
22 Mendez-Martinez, Learsey J. Spanish Atwater
23 Navarro, Angie G. Spanish Atwater
24 Posada, Tanya L. Spanish Atwater
25 Cabrera, Elizabeth Spanish Belmont
26 Diaz, David Spanish Belmont
27 Dominguez, Pablo Spanish Belmont
28 Dunnavant, Ashley Spanish Belmont
29 Hernandez, Nolberto Spanish Belmont
30 Hernandez, Nora Spanish Belmont
31 Larita, Daisy Spanish Belmont
32 Martinez Reyes, Marco Spanish Belmont
33 Melchor, Shirley Spanish Belmont
34 Menchaca, Roxanna Spanish Belmont
35 Morales, Paola Spanish Belmont
36 Nochez, Erasmo Spanish Belmont
37 Ortiz, Fredy Spanish Belmont
38 Ponce, Ricardo Spanish Belmont
39 Rahman, Mohammad Bengali Belmont
40 Ramos, Ana Spanish Belmont
41 Romero, Juan Carlos Spanish Belmont
42 Suarez, Erika Spanish Belmont
43 Valdivia, Alan Spanish Belmont
44 Villeda, Genesis Spanish Belmont
45 Jun, Ha Neul Korean Cahuenga
46 Jung, Jenny Korean Cahuenga
47 Pak, Nathan Korean Cahuenga
48 Yoo, Jeffrey Korean Cahuenga
49 Yoon, Lee Wha Korean Cahuenga
50 Aquino, Yancey Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
51 Castillo, Tania Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
52 Castillo, Wendy A Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
53 De Haro, Monica Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
54 Garcia Castillo, Jesse Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
55 Garcia, Armando Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
56 Gomez, Estenia Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
57 Gomez, Lidia Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
58 Gonzalez, Ileana Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
59 Hernandez, Paola Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
60 Loza, Karena Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
61 Macias, Liliana Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
62 Manzo, Brenda Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
63 Mena, Johanna Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
64 Mena, Marvin Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
65 Mena-Messa, Kimberly Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
66 Nije, Cesar Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
67 Perea Vega, Joshua Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
68 Sanchez, Eduardo Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
69 Tapia, Evette A Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
70 Ticas, Monica Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
71 Vasquez, Elmer Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
72 Vazquez, William D Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
73 Zuniga, Esmeralda Spanish Downtown Bus Mag
74 ARORA, Irina Hindi Fairfax
75 ARREDONDO, Natalie Spanish Fairfax
76 AYURZANA, Dorjdulam Mongolian Fairfax
77 BECERRIL, Cindy Spanish Fairfax
78 BLANC, Kristen Spanish Fairfax
79 CARBALLO, Sonia Spanish Fairfax
80 CASTILLO, Isaura Spanish Fairfax
81 CESPEDES, Dulce Spanish Fairfax
82 CHANG, Jeena Korean Fairfax
83 CHAVIRA, Susan Spanish Fairfax
84 CHOI, Deborah Korean Fairfax
85 CONTRERAS, Magdalena Spanish Fairfax
86 CRESPIN, Oscar Spanish Fairfax
87 ETTEHADIEH, Alexandra Farsi Fairfax
88 FIGUEROA, Jonathan Spanish Fairfax
89 GARCIA, Cristina Spanish Fairfax
90 GORIACHKOVSKY, Aaron Russian Fairfax
91 GURROLA, Laura Spanish Fairfax
92 HERNANDEZ, Angel Spanish Fairfax
93 IGNACIO, Yoselin Spanish Fairfax
94 JANG, Jun Seok Korean Fairfax
95 JIN, Erik Korean Fairfax
96 KANG, Daewon Spanish Fairfax
97 KIM, Alex Korean Fairfax
98 KIM, Alexander Korean Fairfax
99 KIM, Grace Korean Fairfax
100 KIM, Tae Woo Korean Fairfax
101 KWON, Nina Korean Fairfax
102 LARIOS, Veronica Spanish Fairfax
103 LEE, David Korean Fairfax
104 LEE, Ellen Korean Fairfax
105 LEE, Esther Korean Fairfax
106 LEE, Woo Korean Fairfax
107 LOPEZ, Xiomara Spanish Fairfax
108 MARQUEZ-MALGREJO, Diana Spanish Fairfax
109 MARROQUIN, Darlyn Spanish Fairfax
110 MARTINEZ, Jennifer Spanish Fairfax
111 MEJIA, Stephanie Spanish Fairfax
112 MORAKE, Refilwe Zulu Fairfax
113 MOSQUEDA, Stephanie Spanish Fairfax
114 NAM, Angela Spanish Fairfax
115 PALACIOS, Joselyn Spanish Fairfax
116 REMOROZA, Vanermi Tagalog Fairfax
117 ROSALES, Rebeca Spanish Fairfax
118 SANDOVAL, Kelly Spanish Fairfax
119 SHIN, Edward Korean Fairfax
120 SUH, Kwang Korean Fairfax
121 Touimi-Benjelloun, Salma French Fairfax
122 WALKER, Celisa Spanish Fairfax
123 YANG, Gyu Sik Korean Fairfax
124 YANG, Yeram Spanish Fairfax
125 YI, Angela Korean Fairfax
126 YI, Brenda Korean Fairfax
127 YI, Min-Ji Korean Fairfax
128 YOO, Kuk H Korean Fairfax
129 ZHAO, Michelle Korean Fairfax
130 Alvarez, Michelle Spanish Franklin
131 Avelar, Ronald Spanish Franklin
132 Avila, Cynthia Spanish Franklin
133 Bonilla, Rene Spanish Franklin
134 Bravo, Jennifer Spanish Franklin
135 Camacho, Katia Spanish Franklin
136 Camacho, Nicolas Spanish Franklin
137 Cruz, Rodolfo Spanish Franklin
138 De LA Rosa, Cindy Spanish Franklin
139 Diaz, Joshua Spanish Franklin
140 Duarte, Kevin Spanish Franklin
141 Flores, Blandina Spanish Franklin
142 Fuentes, Arely Spanish Franklin
143 Fuentes, Mayra Spanish Franklin
144 Gallegos, Evelyn Spanish Franklin
145 Garcia, Carolina Spanish Franklin
146 Gastellum, Rosa Spanish Franklin
147 Gonzalez, Joseph Spanish Franklin
148 Graciano, Angela Spanish Franklin
149 Graciano, Angela Spanish Franklin
150 Lizarraga, Renetta Spanish Franklin
151 Lopez, Jose  Spanish Franklin
152 Lugo, Elena Spanish Franklin
153 Martinez, Kathy Spanish Franklin
154 Mejia, Kandy Spanish Franklin
155 Melendez, Kevin Spanish Franklin
156 Menchaca, Nubi Spanish Franklin
157 Munguia, Veronica Spanish Franklin
158 Muro, Vanessa Spanish Franklin
159 Pablos, Daniel Spanish Franklin
160 Pena, Kayla Spanish Franklin
161 Ramirez, Daniel Spanish Franklin
162 Ramirez, Janet Spanish Franklin
163 Rendon, Roxanne Spanish Franklin
164 Rodriguez, Nataly Spanish Franklin
165 Rojas, Sherry Spanish Franklin
166 Ruiz, William Spanish Franklin
167 Ruvalcava, Ivan Spanish Franklin
168 Salazar, Camila Spanish Franklin
169 Sanchez, Valeria Spanish Franklin
170 Thomas, Wilson Spanish Franklin
171 Torres, Gabriela Spanish Franklin
172 Torres, Thalia Spanish Franklin
173 Valdez, Jesus Spanish Franklin
174 Vasquez, Jessica Spanish Franklin
175 Velazquez, Oscar Spanish Franklin
176 Angulo, Angeline Spanish Grant
177 Curiel Perzabal, Gisselle Spanish Grant
178 Gonzalez Muñoz, Leslie Spanish Grant
179 Martinez Corona, Jacqueline Spanish Grant
180 Martinez, Melany Spanish Grant
181 Quezada, Karla Spanish Grant
182 Ramirez, Dania Spanish Grant
183 Ramirez, Melanie Spanish Grant
184 Rangel, Wendy Spanish Grant
185 Rivas-Lara, Stephanie Spanish Grant
186 Salas, Miguel Spanish Grant
187 Sinecio, Nathalie Spanish Grant
188 Zambrano, Emily Spanish Grant
189 Arturo Galvan, Arturo Spanish Kim
190 Eydi Velazquez, Eydi Spanish Kim
191 Fernanda Robles, Fernanda Spanish Kim
192 Kimberly Recarte, Kimberly Spanish Kim
193 Madeline Aleman, Madeline Spanish Kim
194 Abraham Fajardo, Abraham Spanish Magnolia
195 Aguilar, Rachel Spanish Magnolia
196 Carcamo, Ana Spanish Magnolia
197 Carranza, Manuel Spanish Magnolia
198 Cruz, Nathalie Spanish Magnolia
199 Cruz, Yaritza Spanish Magnolia
200 Dueñas, Angie Spanish Magnolia
201 Fuentes, Haylee Spanish Magnolia
202 Guerrero, Daisy Spanish Magnolia
203 Gutierrez, Kaina Spanish Magnolia
204 Herrera, Joel Spanish Magnolia
205 Lopez, Gabriela Spanish Magnolia
206 Magadan, Joanna Spanish Magnolia
207 Ramirez, Irma Gisselle Spanish Magnolia
208 Reyes, Diana Spanish Magnolia
209 Zelaya, Amy Spanish Magnolia
210 Borjas, Alondra Spanish Ramona
211 Hernandez, Susana Spanish Ramona
212 Lopez, Carlos Spanish  Ramona
213 Villicana, Gisselle Spanish Ramona
214 Aguilar, Donna Lizethe Spanish Roybal
215 Benavides, Carlos Roberto Spanish Roybal
216 Cartagena Lopez, Dina E Spanish Roybal
217 De Jesus, Valentine Spanish Roybal
218 Escobar, Jacqueline Spanish Roybal
219 Guillen, Denisse Maritza Spanish Roybal
220 Hernandez, Tania Lizbet Spanish Roybal
221 Neri, Teresa Spanish Roybal
222 Ortiz, David Spanish Roybal
223 Pelaez, Sharon Spanish Roybal
224 Perez, Roger B. Spanish Roybal
225 Ramirez, Cindy Carolina Spanish Roybal
226 Valladares, Stewart R. Spanish Roybal