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Vision and Goals


An exemplary education that challenges and reaches each and every student.

Mission Statement

The mission of Local District 4 is to ensure that every student, PreK-12, successfully completes high school, and graduates career ready and college prepared in order to become a contributing member in a global society.

LD 4 Goals

Goal 1


By June 2013, all students will demonstrate effective use of thinking strategies, skills and techniques to guide their learning as measured by the CST (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies) with a yearly 5% increase in the percent Proficient and Advanced and a 5% decrease in the percent Far Below Basic and Below Basic in Local District 4 and at each school site for each significant subgroup.

Goal 2


By June 2014, graduation rates at Senior High School will have increased by 20%. We will develop a comprehensive, appropriate and relevant mathematics pedagogy with an emphasis on algebraic reasoning. A pilot will be implemented in 2011-12.  Pre-K-7 math pedagogy will be aligned to the Algebra course and teachers of mathematics will be provided appropriate professional development.

Goal 3


By June 2013, all students will demonstrate their understanding of learning targets and show progress toward meeting the content standards as measured by student work based on writing, speaking and project based experiences contained in their portfolios and the CST measures listed in Goal 1.

Goal 4


By June 2013, all English Learners (ELs) will use academic language development strategies, skills and techniques to guide their learning as measured by 75% of all ELs moving at least one California English Language Development Test (CELDT) level per year in Local District 4 and at each school site.

Goal 5

Life Long Learning

By June 2013, all Stakeholders will observe, reflect and learn from one another utilizing the instructional core with the purpose of building teacher knowledge and skills, rigorous content, and engaged student learning.  This goal will be met by the students being involved in project-based learning 40% of the time, 50% of classroom discourse will include student voice, and 100% of core subjects will have evidence of weekly writing utilizing a standards based rubric.

Goal 6

Honor Diversity

By June 2013 all stakeholders will use culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy and practice that support students’ ability to think through their learning and communicate effectively through writing, speaking and project-based experiences and real world application.  This will be measured by observation rubrics which will be developed during the 2010-11 school year.

Goal 7

Parent & Community Engagement

By June 2013, the Local District and school sites will work collaboratively with parents to improve student achievement as measured by 95% agreement in Parent Response sections 1 and 2 on the LAUSD School Report Card or Early Childhood Education Desired Results Parent Survey Summary of Findings.